HOMESt.A.R. – Exclusive Real Estate Approach

Your needs are first and foremost.

With time tested measures to ensure success, John Rice features the exclusive HOMESt.A.R.® process that allows us to provide the highest level service and to ensure best possible experience each step of the way.

Having assisted hundreds of clients throughout the years, one thing has remained front and center for every single transaction – the client’s needs – YOUR NEEDS– are #1 – period.

With this in mind the exclusive approach to ensuring your needs are met each step of the way and that the experience works to better your situation throughout the entire process.

The HOMESt.A.R.® process in an overview:

  • St. = Strategy.
  • A. = ACTION.
  • R. = Results.

Step 1 – Strategy.

During the buying and/or selling process it is important to, in the words of Stephen Covey “begin with the end in mind.”Without a doubt no ship reaches its destination without a pre-navigated course. Step 1 is developing the proper strategy. Time and time again we hear horror stories of people who started without a plan and ended up wasting thousands. We are here to ensure that there are plans in place to get you to your end goal while maximizing your results.

Step 2 – ACTION.

With the right strategy now outlined and agreed upon – it is time for ACTION. During this phase the team is here to assist you for every real estate need. Acting quickly and efficiently to work the market in your favor. Being a highly productive team we are able to be accommodate your time frame, be available when you need us, and make certain each opportunity is developed to its full potential. Guiding, informing, and negotiating for you. Making sure we are staying on target with your goals, and adjusting the plan to accommodate your needs as needed.

Step 3 – Results.

It is our intent that every client can answer a resounding “YES” to these 3 questions upon achieving their real estate goals:

  • Did I maximize my real estate transaction? YES!
  • Did I minimize all potential risks? YES!
  • Did I obtain all the right negotiation points in my favor? YES!

Working each step of the way toward obtaining your goals. Guiding you through the thick of the real estate transaction. Maximizing every opportunity to ensure you have all choices presented to you and that you are able to make an informed decision.

Real estate is our passion, the successful completion of your real estate goal is our mission. As a result of our relentless pursuit for high customer satisfaction we have consistent 5 star reviews and an incredibly high number of repeat and referred clients.

We welcome the opportunity to soon count you among our “clients” and look forward to hearing more about your real estate goals.

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