When Selling This 1 Improvement Can Net You An Incredible Response

Spring is a time for action. Time to shake off winter and put it behind us.

This is time of year when you and your neighbors will be placing your homes on the market. So how do you win? How do you capture the buyers interest?

Time and again the #1 most important improvement you can make to add WOW factor to your house and place it right in the HOME section of the buyers brain is to PAINT.

Today’s buyer is searching the internet and while doing so they are constantly being shown what the hottest design trends are in today’s home. From closets to kitchens, from bathrooms to garages, sheds to fascias – paint makes the difference.

Two key points to winning buyers and converting them to be the new owner:

  1. Color choice: Choosing a color that is appealing and current is key. Most paint stores work with design professionals and for a small fee they will have the design professional run a consultation with you and help you select the right color to really maximize impact and appeal.
  2. Professionals: Nothing turns a buyer off faster than drips on the walls color splash on the ceiling and messy trim…As a result hire a professional to do the painting. By hiring professionals you giving the buyer what they need to see: clean, fresh, move-in ready home(joy) vs a bad paint job they now have to paint over (pain)….

Need Inspiration? Many great sites offer wonderful examples for inspiration one of the best out there today is Sherwin Williams.

Consider these links for fun inspiration:

Sherwin Williams Inspiration Gallery

west elm Collection

Pottery Barn Collection

Not sure what else might have impact on buyers? That’s what we are here for!

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