Buyer’s Agency? What’s that?

Buyer’s Agency? What’s that?

What’s the point in using an agent, I can find the home on my own…….

Sometimes this is what we hear. This can be a typical attitude of someone who is unaware of the home buying process and/or who feels comfortable searching the internet and seemingly finds the “house of their dreams.” Usually, after talking with friends, neighbors or relatives of the horror of trying it alone, they look for someone to turn too. Other times, they don’t findout until they go to resell their home that they overpaid because they bought it from an agent who was working for the seller!

Questions like: 1. How much is too much for this home? 2. What condition is it in? 3. How can I hold the seller accountable for what they say they’re going to do before we buy it from them 4. I’ve heard it’s a buyers market and there are a lot of homes to choose from – how can I narrow it down quickly and not waste all this time at open houses? 5. When I go to resell the home what are trends like in the area I should be aware of that could affect my resale?… the list goes on and on.

These are questions we answer several times a day. A typical buyer may purchase a home every 5 years on average, and purchase less than 4 homes over their entire life time. We, on the other hand, assist multiple home buyers per day – and experience matters when you talking about purchasing what could be the single largest asset you’ll ever own.

Buyer’s Agency is hiring a real estate agent to be on your side – not working for the seller (which is customary.) We work on your behalf to point out the answers to questions above and make the process smooth and headache free.

Everything from connections in various market places like landscapers, mortgage reps, movers, handymen, insurance agents, etc.; to negotiating the deal(price, terms, all the details); to assuring you’re well aware of your homes history and any possible flaws and short comings BEFORE you purchase it – we’re here to be ON YOUR SIDE. The best part is our fee has already been negotiated with the seller  and typically you don’t have to pay it – the seller does! To understand how this works – check out the video below.

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide to our buyer’s please visit here: Buyer’s Info.


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