Moving from Apartment to home….

So you’re considering a move in home ownership? Then here are a few points to consider.

The Home Buying 9 Step Process:
The hardest part about the home buying process is often just knowing where to start. We hope that the steps outlined below will assist you in your journey toward home ownership.

Education – Call us for an individual appointment or attend our next Home Seminar. This will help you assess your readiness to buy or sell and identify techniques to help you find the home you want.
Review Your Budget – Budgeting your money is the second step in preparing for home ownership. Most consumers interested in purchasing a home need to save money for their down payment, closing costs and other expenses associated with moving and home maintenance. Several low down and zero down programs exist but may not be right for everyone – a conversation with your Realtor & mortgage lender will help with this decision.
Identify Loan Amount – Visit a lender and be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan.
Assess Your Needs – Identify the features in a home that will be most important to you and your family.
Work With a Real Estate Agent – Choose a Real Estate Agent to show you properties in your area.
Purchase and Sales Agreement – Your Real Estate Agent will help you to make an offer and negotiate a purchase price on a property. Be sure your offer is contingent on your ability to obtain the mortgage needed and any inspections you wish to have.
Inspection – Arrange for a professional home inspector to look at the property.
Complete Loan Package – Contact your mortgage lender to complete your application. Be sure to respond promptly to any requests from the lender for information.
Lender Approval – The lender’s formal approval of your loan request is called an “pre-approval letter.” Give a copy of this letter to your Realtor to confirm that you have complied with the terms of your contract with the seller.
Closing – At the closing, you will sign all of the mortgage documents and keys to your home from the seller (unless you’ve negotiated with the seller to allow them to stay longer.)
Congratulations, you are a home owner!

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