Top 5 Reasons Why Moving from Chicago to Grand Rapids, MI Is Popular

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    Ranked as one of the Best Performing cities in America ( The Milken Institute ) and the 3rd best economy in the US ( along with countless other awards including those Most Exciting Mid-Sized Cities (Movoto), Top Place to Raise a Family ( Rapids, MI has really made a name for itself.

    But why are many new Grandrapidians (as Grand Rapids residents are known) moving here from Chicago?

    1. Location – (it’s a whole new world yet not too far from any Chicago family.)
      • From Grand Rapids to Chicago is about 2 hours and 45 minutes. A suburb of Chicago? Not quite, but the distance is certainly not long making “work at home – commute to CHI possible.” Plus it’s close enough where if there are fun things you enjoy about Chicago – it is very manageable to enjoy them.
      • Lake Michigan is about 25 minutes from Grand Rapids. Combined with over 10,000 inlet lakes, plus award winning rivers and streams – the water activities and beach enjoyment is endless.
      • Up North – for decades the “UP NORTH” area and lake shore area have been sought after playground for those from Chicago – imagine having that within a short drive of right out your own backyard!
    2. Getting Ahead – having your dollar go farther is always advantage no matter what your stage of life.
      • The Cost of Living average for Grand Rapids 88.50 ( as noted on ) compared to Chicago cost of living at 103.50 (also found on Cost of living index is measured on a scale of 100 – 100 being the national average. Those under 100 allow your dollar to go farther – those over 100 your dollar would not buy as much of the daily things for living.
    3. Travel Time – It has been said you can get anywhere in Grand Rapids in 20 minutes or less, across town, “outta town”, etc.
      • The average commute from a Chicago suburb to downtown Chicago is currently about 60-75 minutes – without traffic. those of you that have experience know it can be closer to about 2 hours on some days – but even then unpredictable
      • Google maps is actually accurate for travel times in the Grand Rapids – why? Our traffic patterns are predictable and that allows for accurate projections on travel times.
    4. Entertainment – you mean people choose Grand Rapids over Chicago for entertainment?
      • Grand Rapids hosts an amazing array of cultural festivities. Frankly they are easy to attend, good entertainment value vs ticket price  and the downtown parking rates and availability have appeal.
      • From Beach towns to Winter Wonders, Museums, Symphony, Live Theater, Opera, Broadway shows, and more….Check out an extensive list of things to do here:
    5. Jobs – Yes, Grand Rapids is home to several large corporations making the list of some of the top employers in the world, in a variety of industries with a multitude of career options. Recently a job fair was held to attract new talent to the area where it was reported more than 1/3 of those attending where from Chicago and looking to move to Grand Rapids.

    Grand Rapids has a lot to offer.  Winning award after award in a variety of categories. Think it might be right for you? Feel free to start exploring all Grand Rapids has to offer. Have questions? Just Ask – we’re known to be one of friendliest towns in the world as well!

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